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30/01/2009 Caramut VIC

Situation: This 900 mega-litre farm dam is about 1.8km long and has a 120m wide dam wall which is 5.5m high.

Problem: Major losses of water evidenced by large wet areas on out side of dam wall. Owner believes that the water is working its way under the dam wall and resurfacing about 100m down the gully. The owner suspects that the base of the dam in front of the main wall was where the leak may be starting.

Action: A 2500sqm area in front of the dam wall was identified and treated.

Result: The wet areas on the out side of the dam wall were almost dry after about three weeks. It appears that the weepage rate has reduced significantly. ...for more info (pdf)

21/01/2009 Middleton TAS

Situation: This small round dam has a diameter of about 10m and is 1.5m deep.

Problem: Dam walls and floor contains a lot of sandy material. The overflow area is leaking significantly as evidenced by visible moisture leaching through out side of dam wall.

Action: Owner received a 20kg pale of Aqua-Tech Dam & Pond Sealer at about 6pm on 20/1/09. The intention was to treat the whole dam however to test the product he took about 1kg of product and treated about 4-5sqm of the dam wall around the overflow area which he believed was the main cause of the leak.

Result: He re-inspected the dam in the morning at about 8am and found that the leak had stopped completely and the dam is filling up and holding water.

11/02/2009 Deniliquin NSW

Situation: This dam is 15m x 15m square and 3m deep. The owner can pump water from a creek to fill the dam.

Problem: The dam leaks until completely dry. The dam can be filled quite quickly but will drain dry within 24hours. Owner believes the base is the problem however dam has never held water fully in his experience.

Action: Owner put about 3 feet of water into the dam and then treated the base and walls under the water line at the recommended rate. The owner then applied the D&P powder to the exposed dam wall surface in a 30cm band up from the water line. Water was then added until the band of applied Dam & Pond Sealer material was covered. This process was repeated until the dam walls were treated all the way up to the bank. The dam was kept full initially by topping up each day. After two weeks the water losses from the dam were reduced significantly.

Result: After three weeks of topping up the dam on a regular basis the dam started to hold and water loss due to leakage is no longer a problem.

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