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Dam & Pond Sealer Frequently Asked Questions

Aqua-Tech Dam & Pond Sealer is a blend of super absorbents polymers of different sized particles, similar to water crystals for gardening and polymers used in babies’ nappies.

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How does it work?

Aqua-Tech Dam & Pond Sealer works by applying the dry polymer blend to the water in the dam. Once the polymers come in contact with the water they create an invisible net that carries the polymers and any solids in the water, downwards. The different sized polymers start to expand and along with the soil get sucked into the voids and areas where the water is leaking. These polymers create a plug and continue to expand filling holes, cracks and porous soils.

Can it be applied to dry dams?

No, at this stage our product performance is based on applying the product to dams with water in them. Current trial work may present a new application scenario for the future.

I know where the leak is, so can I apply the Dam & Plug sealer to that area or do I have to treat the whole dam?

If you know where the leak is then yes you can concentrate your application to that area but it is also recommended the rest of the dam be treated as well and this be done when dam is full or is above the problem area.

How do you apply it?

Application is easy and is applied by hand, sprinkled out over the water or spread with hand applicator like a fertilizer spreader.

Is it safe for fish and animals?

Yes, it is safe to use in dams where fish and stock are present. It is similar to products used in agriculture and babies nappies. It is non toxic and biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

How much area does the 20kg pail cover?

The pail will cover and area approximately 267sqm.

How much will I need?

Generally 75g per sq m is needed calculated on the surface area of your dam,  depending on whether your dam is full or partially full.

I have tried bentonite and my dam still leaks, will Dam & Pond Sealer work better than bentonite?

Clients that have tried sealing their leaking dams with bentonite and it had not worked found that after using Dam & Pond Sealer their leaking dams were sealed.

Will my dam be sealed on first application? How many applications will I need?

In most cases clients have successfully sealed their leaking dams on the first application but in some cases further application may be required.

How long will it take to work?

On average you could have your dam sealed or notice the slowing down of water loss within about 7 days.  Further applications would be necessary if you have not sealed your dam or seen any difference in the quantity of water loss.

What if it doesn’t stop my dam from leaking after 2 weeks?

There may be a few factors to consider that may have an influence on why your dam is not sealed.

  • Has the leak slowed down or is there any noticeable change in the leak?
  • Was the recommended amount used and was enough product applied to the dam?
  • Was the dam measurements correct?
  • Have there been any other changes to the dam or area since the first application?
  • Further applications may be required.
  • There may be a more severe problem than first thought.
  • We can be contacted for further support and may need to adjust the product to suit your needs.

Will it work if my dam has weeds? Do I need to remove the weeds first?

Yes it can be applied to your dams even if they have weeds present as different sized particles in the sealer will still be sucked into the problem areas.
We recommend that you do not remove weeds as this may upset the surface tension of the soil creating further problems.

When is best time of day to apply it?

It is best applied during low wind times so product is not blown away during application.

How long will it last in the dam? Is it permanent?

The polymers are insoluble and through compaction and sedimentation the polymers will become a permanent  part of the dams structure.

Does it work on all soil types?

Generally, yes, but depending on alkalinity/salinity or acidity, the products performance may be reduced. In these cases product make up and blend can be altered to suit your specific requirements.

Will you guarantee it will seal my dam?

We have had great success in seal all types of dams, but due to unforeseen circumstances and the nature of the problems we are unable to guarantee that this will work. We do encourage you communicate with us if you are experiencing problems with sealing your leaking dam so we can work with you on getting the best possible results.

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